Our exclusive focus has been on delivering projects using Scrum/XP/Lean methods for the past 11 years.  That is two years before the term “Agile” was coined.   Adopting Agile methods can be difficult. During that time we have been learning and tuning our approach to transitioning our clients to use these methods.  We firmly believe that effective adoption of Agile requires that we work with and within the organization to truly drive the desired change.  Teams learn best through real world challenges and delivery.  You can not learn these things from a class or a book exclusively.

Our Agile coaches lead by example, mentoring and training your teams.  We strive to create change agents within your organization by identifying and nurturing the people that will sustain Agile methods over the long run.

We have helped organizations small and large to seed and scale initiatives like Scrum, guiding them around the painful pitfalls that often endanger fledgling adoptions. Our coaches are all leading experts in Agile frameworks like Scrum and supporting technical tools and practices, with years of hands-on project experience. We custom tailor your coaching solution based upon information gleaned from discussions, training sessions and workshops, to ensure a sharp focus on key problems and quick wins.

While we often start with Scrum we usually incorporate the Lean organizational techniques and eXtreme Programing technical practices that we have seen so many teams succeed with over the years.

Our core coaching services include:
  • Portfolio Management
  • Agile Project Delivery
  • Agile Technical Practices
  • Facilitation and Retrospectives

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